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Deratization in food industry establishments to follow the European Hygienic regulations - HACCP
  • Inspection of the premises, making the premises inaccessible for any rodents
  • Providing dera-boxes for internal and external perimeter, fixation of the checkpoints, recording them to the map
  • Monitoring the decrease on traps, trap rotation, recording the chronology
  • Disposal of the dead animals, dera-boxes maintenance
Flat deratization

Flat deratization takes place in cities or towns and other larger areas. Professional examination must precede the operation. Checkpoints are selected in various locations where the rodent presence is monitored, including the presence underground (sewerage, steam piping, etc.) and classified as: zero, rare, medium, and dense. When the examination is complete we have enough information to proceed with the deratization process. We designate the checkpoints including the various values of presence gathered throughout the monitoring onto the map. The documentation is then handed over to the caretaker/authority and a conclusion is then made in order to choose the method and extent of deratization.

We provide deratization of:
  • cities, towns, outdoor areas, lawn areas, sport facilities, waste dumps (flat deratization)
  • establishments in food and agricultural industry
  • gastronomy, accommodation, health care centres and pharmacies
  • for municipal purposes, residential property, education centres, for businesses
  • premises for social and sporting events
  • social work , industry, public sector
Note: All documentation in relation with disinfection, disinsection and deratization can be used for efficiency evaluation as well as for audits and inspections performed by the State Inspection Authorities.

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