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Scope of business activity
Special protection disinfection, disinsection, deratization using non-toxic and highly toxic substances and chemical solutions for municipal purposes, in food and agricultural plants.

Plants and plant products treatment as well as protecting premises against harmful organisms, protective plant substances, farming, purchasing goods in order to sell it and wholesale activity.
Company identification
The company is a member of DDD ČR association based in Prague as well as CEPA - Confederation of European Pest Control Associations based in Brussels, Belgium.

Invoice address:
Měšťan Svatopluk
Dubenec 34
373 48 Dívčice

Reg. no.: 74428683
Tax Reg. No: CZ-8402151219 - VAT taxable

Mobil: 737 039 998

Entrepreneurship risk insurance: Česká pojišťovna a.s.

Educational background:
1x University of Agriculture
1x Grammar School
1x Secondary School of Agriculture/Veterinary
1x Secondary School of Food industry/Gastronomy
1x Secondary School of Civil Engineering

Criminal record: none

Professional trainings & certificates:
3x non-toxic basic, KHS certificate
2x toxic, KHS certificate
2x professional, farming and food industry, KHS certificate
1x Plant medicine, SRS certificate

Business activity commenced: 1990

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